Philosophy & Experience 

Bespoke Private Service (BPS) is a modern domestic estate consulting and and domestic staff placement company for those who want access to professional, private service staff. We understand what excellence means for each step in a project and pride ourselves in sourcing and supporting great people to fill each role with quality, sincerity, and discretion.

Ultimately, we believe that private service should make your life simpler; our goal is to help you find staff solutions so that you will have more time to dedicate to the things that really matter.  Simply put, we give you your time back.

BPS specializes in household operational consulting and domestic staff placement, and we cater to individuals as well as families. By designing  personalized programs that leverage high-quality private service professionals, vendors, and networks, we are able to provide clients with a complete couture service experience. 

BPS is founded on the philosophy that private service should be reliable, on demand, and cost effective. A San Francisco-based company with an East Coast work ethic, BPS is uniquely qualified to take on your household challenges and domestic staffing needs.