Bespoke Private Service believes service should be tailored to fit your needs.


Bespoke Private Service (BPS) is an on-demand Private Service company dedicated to making your life easier. Our mission is to help individuals, families and businesses by supporting, planning and executing day-to-day domestic operations both at home and in the office. Our customizable service packages allow clients to purchase the help that they need without spending unnecessary time and resources on large retainers or live-in service. BPS manages large and small projects through a network of talented and trusted contractors; you can confidently hand over your to-do list and take back your “you time." 

Whether you want help with a one-time project or are looking for support on a regular basis, Bespoke Private Service gives you the power to customize your service to specifically address your needs. 


What is Private Service? 

Private service is the utilization of external resources to complete tasks that have been allocated or assigned to you.  This can include personal and home tasks or, when appropriate, office related chores and errands.