Bespoke Private Service believes service should be tailored to fit your needs.


Overview of Services 

With household assessments, we help individuals and families assess their needs and figure out what systems and staff they need and then help to build those systems and address those needs. This is especially important when your situation has changed significantly, your staff needs have changed, or you’re looking to fill key staff roles.

We also provide domestic staff placement for estate managers, house managers, personal & executive assistants, housekeepers, nannies, and more. What differentiates our placement services from other recruiters is that prior to placement, we offer an assessment of your staffing needs. This assessment confirms that you have the correct organizational structure and the job title that you need to hire for. The cost of the assessment will be deducted from the cost of your placement fee as well.

We provide strategic consulting for general needs within the home, including but not limited to selecting vendors and contractors, crisis management, estate planning.


What is Private Service? 

Private service is the utilization of external resources to complete tasks inside the home.  This can include personal and home tasks or, when appropriate, office related todos and errands. Private Service often also includes the management of projects and staff inside and outside of the home.