I found Christopher to be a very detailed person, with a strong desire to ensure the family’s quality of life. Christopher has a true service heart and a deep passion to improve the day to day lives of the families he serves.
— Roger S, Estate Manager, Greenwich, CT
Christopher A. West, Founder of Bespoke Private Service

Christopher A. West, Founder of Bespoke Private Service

Meet Christopher

Christopher West, founder of Bespoke Private Service (BPS), is a diligent and experienced member of the Private Service community with an enduring passion for the work that he does. With experience in some of the most demanding positions in his field, Christopher has proven again and again that he has the unique combination of talent, intuition, and compassion that it takes to excel across a range of industries. He has experience working as a private chef, a majordomo of a large estate, operations manager for a family foundation, and as the Founder/CEO of BPS for the past 5-years.

Currently, Christopher is the President and Chairman of the Board of the SF Bay Area chapter of the Domestic Estate Management Association (DEMA).  Through his leadership position in this nationally recognized and trusted organization, Christopher is able to constantly hone his management skills, learn about new technologies and best practices, keep in touch with peers and partners in the industry, and guarantee the highest quality of service at BPS. 

In March of 2000, Christopher entered into the private service working for a family foundation in Westchester, NY. He started in the kitchens as a line cook and over the next 7-years, he ascended to over see catering, foodservice, culinary education, and operations for the non-profit. He has built an impressive reputation as an organizer, manager, and hands-on project coordinator. After leaving the family foundation, Christopher traveled the world as a private chef before landing in Greenwich, CT where he took a role in helping a family create a permaculture homestead. He quickly proved his value and was rewarded with more responsibility. Within a year he took on the role of Estate Manager which he kept for the next three years. In 2014, Christopher moved to San Francisco, CA after losing a bet to his identical twin brother Timothy (ask him about it) and to start Bespoke Private Service.

Christopher has a timeless sense of service that spans across industries and shines through in all of the projects he has been involved in; his comprehensive service experience combined with his passion for helping others is the pillar of Bespoke Private Service.